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Crazy Broccoli & Tuna Rolls

17 Feb

OMG I’m hungry! This morning’s breakfast consisted of egg whites and lunch was tuna. So at 3pm I was STARVIN! So what would fix that in a flash… a trip to Whole Foods of course! I found a great little salad roll with some tuna to hold me over till dinner.

If you haven’t been to a Whole Foods, you are missing a paradise of health food, gourmet quality fresh fish and vegetables. Then there is of course the cheese bar, yes I said cheese bar. I stayed cleared of that thing. It’s too high in fat for me right now. But back to my point. Whole Foods is awesome.

I still remember the first time I went to Whole Foods. I felt a little out of place because I felt like everyone in the place was looking at me and thinking, “oh she’s unhealthy”. Wow, can we say fear of judgement… I’m over that now. Our Whole Foods is huge too, so it can be a little overwhelming at first, but it’s basically set up like a normal grocery store.  I even know the fish monger now! So I guess my advice would be this, don’t be afraid to visit a health food store. Not everyone there has dreads and smells like patchouli. Ask questions if you need help on how to prepare a meat or fish and even if you see a new crazy vegetable like the one I found today!!! (See below)

This beauty is called "Romanesco Broccoli" It's a broccoli from Italy that can be prepared like normal broccoli. But don't overcook it or it will result in a mushy mess. But otherwise, you could use it for soups or just as a new alternative to broccoli.

After shopping, I came out with some yummy smoked salmon, shrimp, some veggies and a low glycemic meal replacement shake. I don’t necessarily want to do a meal replacement all the time, but it’s good for filling me up when I’m on the go. So anyways! That has been my day today. I will workout tonight and get this show on the road!!!

Happy days ahead guys!!!

xoxo Jen


I’m Back

16 Feb

So, it’s been five months since I blogged last. Well, we all know that the story of weight loss for most people is up and down. So let’s just say that the last five months have been down on the commitment level and up on the scale level.

Let’s re-cap~ We moved into a cute little place in Irvine. We have a gym and a pool and I have been making full use of this for the last week. (See pic below) I now have my own kitchen and our life is back to a somewhat normal schedule after renovation of our church, launching it, and spending some time with our dear friends during a very trying time. All of this led to me not caring what I ate and just you know drowning myself in food… it was crazy. But all that aside, my friend and I made a commitment to each other to lose weight and bring sexy back with our smokin selves. We have committed to our first goal of 3 months. In three months time, we will weigh in again and see who has lost the most percentage of body fat.

So anyhow. Don’t judge me because I fell off the wagon, just be happy I’m back on.

This week has been full of working out when I don’t feel like it and feeling like I’m going to barf after-wards; which my dear friend said I have to push through because the toxins want to leave my body. I didn’t know I was trapping them in there, but they are free to leave whenever they want. So as I push through the workouts and continue to eat healthy I am sure that the pounds will melt off of me. Today I let out a little cry as I realized that all my work on the treadmill today barely burned off the 2tbs of fat free dairy creamer I had this morning. So here we go again on this journey and I want to make it through because there are many more things I want to do that would be so much better if I were healthy! So cheers to eating healthy and working out!!

xo Jen

The Story of the Patty Melt

6 Aug

Hi friends! I know it’s been a while since I wrote last…. BUT.. I do have good news. I have lost another .75 lbs! YAY

Last weekend we had the pleasure of visiting our friends for a few days. I made up my mind before we went that I would go to the store and buy healthy things to keep in their fridge! It wasn’t too bad, I managed to avoid yummy’s  and stick with my healthy alternatives, counting calories everyday!

Now on one of the last days there, my friends hubby who is a great cook, decided to make patty melts! I resisted the urge to say I wanted one and enjoyed my soup and veggies instead. My tummy was completely satisfied after I finished my dinner. Then it happened, the smell of the onions and beef with the sourdough grilling in the pan. I immediately wanted one! I had to check myself, was I still hungry? NO! It was purely just the fact that I just wanted to eat one. Well, after realizing this, I really couldn’t eat one. How could I consciously eat after I knew that I wasn’t hungry!

Lesson learned: Learn to check yourself and see if you really are even hungry before indulging in something.

Fill up on proteins and fiber, they keep you full longer and are healthier!

xoxo Jen

White Carrots & Purple Potatoes

31 Jul

Recently one of my friends introduced me to a local Farmer’s Market. It was the picture  perfect setting of local farmers displaying colorful fruits and vegetables. Farmer’s Markets are a great place to introduce yourself to new fruits and vegetables!

Growing up in the south, most of my family kept a garden. I remember running through the asparagus patch with my brother. There were asparagus plants taller than we were. After running around in the sun, we would break off a piece of asparagus and munch on it for a snack. My dad always had the most amazing tomatoes. Juicy plump tomatoes of all sizes, not like the tasteless varieties we buy at the grocery stores. Fresh snapped green beans were usually there for us to help Mama Jenkins snap. Fresh veggies, were always a part of our childhood. Now it seems that veggies have morphed into being a side dish that we HAVE to eat. And if were gonna eat it, we have to cover it in butter and goodness, never serve me a veggie without salt. (I am embarrassed to even write that, but it’s the truth and most of my friends are the same!)

Our lifestyle at this point doesn’t allow me to plant a garden. It would definitely suffer from drought and neglect, but I do have an alternative! Visiting a local farm or Farmer’s Market is a great alternative! I encourage you to become more knowledgeable about the food your eating. If you think about it, 100 years ago, most people knew exactly what where their food came from and how it was grown. Most of us have decided that our food comes from the grocery store, but that is not the case. Food growing has become industrialised. Nutrition value of fruits and veggies have been compromised in order to grow it bigger and faster and make it last longer.

So I am working into this. I must admit, I went to the grocery store last night. But when I can, I am going to buy local Farmer’s Market fruits and veggies as much as I can! I encourage you to do the same!

Here are three reasons to try out a Farmer’s Market

  • Become more knowledgeable about what veggies are in season!
  • Fresher, cleaner fruits & veggies~ avoiding genetically altered fruits & veggies.
  • Support local Farmers

The Story of the White Carrot

Once upon a time there was a princess who was enjoying a veggie dish. She was particularly enjoying a white vegetable that she had never tasted before. Wanting to see this mystery vegetable again, she asked her friends if they knew what it was. All were puzzled by this scrumptuous vegetable. After further inspection, the princess decided it must be a carrot! She was so excited to declare her new found veggies to her puzzled friends. “I know, it’s a white carrot!”, she said, to which her friends simply replied, “Carrots are orange”.

The truth is there are white carrots! There are so many varieties of veggies we never try! Venture out a little people! Try at least one new veggie a week and see what you discover! Who knows, you may even find purple potatoes!

The First Rule of Fat Club

29 Jul

Now before you get offended allow me to explain…

The first rule of fat club? You do not talk about fat club.

You don’t ever ask a woman her weight right? I wouldn’t talk about my weight with anyone, what was really bothering me never came out of my mouth. I wanted to tell everyone, it’s not okay to be this unhealthy! I think (oh people please don’t get mad) one of the most awful things I hear from people, my own self included, is they swear they ate healthy all day, but yet gained 5lbs. How does this work? Like my wise brother-in-law says, it’s simple. If you eat more calories than you burn,  you are going to gain weight no matter what.

Let’s break the mold people! I’m not going to allow myself to be caught in the trap of being okay with being obese. I want to break the mold… I want to be fit and healthy! I want to be able to ice climb, or go surfing, or rock climb. Now I know your thinking, “baby steps Jen”, but I am telling you if I don’t have the end goal in mind I will never reach it. Do you think that being able to run a mile without passing out is really important to me? Not so much. But being able to climb a glacier, that sounds amazing and enticing.

I came up with 3 Rules to this journey

Rule #1 Count Calories – If your like me I have spent the last 10 years not paying attention to what I eat. I have to re-learn what is healthy for me and counting calories is a great way to become familiar with what is healthy for you or not. If you start paying more attention to what you are eating, you are slowing down enough to think about what you are eating before you eat it.

Rule #2 Be Accountable – Lucky you, you are my accountability. For some it may work to just be accountable to yourself, but I am just sayin, it is easy to sneak a bite of cookie dough when no-one is looking.

Rule #3 Have Fun – I love having fun! If I am not having fun, I generally am not happy. So throw a little fun into the mix! Have fun~  Go walk around Disneyland, go to the beach, walk around the mall in the AC! Keep it light and don’t be too hard on yourself mentally! Surround yourself with people who are encouraging and educate yourself!

So let’s talk about it!

What are your goals? Your fitness dreams for yourself?

Muffins… Cake in Disguise

28 Jul

“Muffins… their nothing but cake in disguise, especially these double chocolate-chip type muffins.”

This was the Tweet I woke up to from Tanya Zuckerbrot, founder of Skinny In The City. Being hungry this morning as I sipped on my coffee (with FF creamer & splenda) I thought I would do a little research on breakfast. Now we all know what people say is healthy for breakfast, egg white omelette, fruit, Greek yogurt, etc… but what are some of the hidden land mines we can hit early morning that will just blow our diet right out of the water? I came up with a list of 5

5 Top Breakfast Land Mines

1. Over-sized Smoothie – Many of us opt for smoothies in the morning, but making (or purchasing) a smoothie that is over-sized, packed with more sugar than a pint of ice-cream, can blow your sugar right out of the water. Take for instance a Mango Smoothie from a well know chain… the large size has 570 calories and 125g of sugar! While the smoothie itself it healthy, the size and balance of fruit is off.

2. Granola Bars – Granola sounds healthy right? It does to me, I envision healthy outdoorsy people eating this stuff right out of their backpack while on a nature hike. While granola is a great pick-me up for people who are active, it can have as much sugar as a candy bar if you get the wrong kind. Look for bars that are not processed and don’t have added high-fructose corn syrup. Kashi has some great ones with less sugar than their competitors.

3. Fruit & Yogurt Parfait – Where is the danger in fruit parfait? It’s just fruit and yogurt right? Most parfait have full-fat yogurt topped with fruit that is coated in a sugar based filling and preservatives. Think ‘pie filling’ on top of yogurt…. you get the picture.

4. Heavy Omelettes – Omelettes are a great breakfast in the morning, loaded with protein and stuffed with veggies they are perfect, but stuff them with the wrong fillings and you’ve got a grenade on your hands! I was doing research for this blog and read a recipe for a Velveeta Omelette… I am not even going to go there with how unhealthy that is! But you get the idea, fill your omelette with processed cheeses, red meat like steak and cook in full- fat butter is not the healthiest way to go in the morning. Think things through when you are cooking. Opt for a cooking spray, egg whites, low-fat cheese and veggies. This is a great breakfast.

5. Coffee/ Lattes – If your like me, sometimes you want to skip the breakfast and just drink the coffee. I actually bought into this. I would drink a latte from my favorite shop every morning for breakfast. By lunchtime I would be starving and still end up over-eating for lunch. I would have been better off pairing my morning coffee made with FF milk & splenda with a balanced breakfast. I would have still gotten my coffee and not had the extra calories of eating more at lunch.

Learning why certain foods or combinations are unhealthy will help us create a deeper awareness of what we are doing for our bodies. No more cakes in disguise for me. I am not going to be in denial about what I am eating any more. I am going to think about every thing that I put into my mouth for what it really is. What is it’s makeup? Is is healthy???

What are some of your favorite healthy breakfasts? I need ideas!

You may be asking why the cake Jen?? Because this is the real world baby! What are you going to do when you go down to the kitchen and there is a ______ (fill in your own weakness here) big fluffy white cake staring you in the face…

I would smash it with a hammer, that’s what I would do.

Annnnd…. Were Off

27 Jul

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So today marks the 2nd day of this! I have to say, I feel inspired. There’s just something about knowing that there are people out there who make a lifestyle of living healthy and active. I hope to become one of those people and I’m not just saying that… I mean it for real this time.

Have you ever started something and not finished it? I do it all the time. I think I have design ADD. I have tons of brilliant (according to me) ideas, but have trouble finishing one before I’m on to the next. Someone once told me that I may not be finishing my projects because I don’t want to fail. Regardless of if thats true or not, I am making a vow to stick with this for at least 365 days. That’s 365 days of eating less than 1500 calories and 365 days of blogging about it. As I sit here today I am starving. Most health professionals say eat many small meals throughout the day… now how exactly to put that into action, that is the question. I know you probalby have a great solution for this, but this is my real life… how do I have 6-8 small meals a day ready to eat when I’m home or not?

DAY 1 Sabatoge

Out to eat for breakfast. Today we went to a breakfast meeting with someone and guess where we went… A BAKERY! A BAKERY??? Are you kidding me? On the first day of this! I could have fallen for the delicious looking fruit tart my husband was eating as my stomach was growling roaring. The smells, the sights of the glistening buttery rolls, almond croissoints, ooh la la…. But I didn’t. I sat there and drank my cup of coffee and day dreamed about drinking my protein shake with Almond Breeze milk when I got home! (A total of about 200 calories vs. the 510 in a typical croissoint w/25g of fat).

So there, I did it. I got through breakfast… now only 364.5 more days to go… that’s 8736 more hours, BRING IT ON!

Let them eat…… fruit?