Crazy Broccoli & Tuna Rolls

17 Feb

OMG I’m hungry! This morning’s breakfast consisted of egg whites and lunch was tuna. So at 3pm I was STARVIN! So what would fix that in a flash… a trip to Whole Foods of course! I found a great little salad roll with some tuna to hold me over till dinner.

If you haven’t been to a Whole Foods, you are missing a paradise of health food, gourmet quality fresh fish and vegetables. Then there is of course the cheese bar, yes I said cheese bar. I stayed cleared of that thing. It’s too high in fat for me right now. But back to my point. Whole Foods is awesome.

I still remember the first time I went to Whole Foods. I felt a little out of place because I felt like everyone in the place was looking at me and thinking, “oh she’s unhealthy”. Wow, can we say fear of judgement… I’m over that now. Our Whole Foods is huge too, so it can be a little overwhelming at first, but it’s basically set up like a normal grocery store.  I even know the fish monger now! So I guess my advice would be this, don’t be afraid to visit a health food store. Not everyone there has dreads and smells like patchouli. Ask questions if you need help on how to prepare a meat or fish and even if you see a new crazy vegetable like the one I found today!!! (See below)

This beauty is called "Romanesco Broccoli" It's a broccoli from Italy that can be prepared like normal broccoli. But don't overcook it or it will result in a mushy mess. But otherwise, you could use it for soups or just as a new alternative to broccoli.

After shopping, I came out with some yummy smoked salmon, shrimp, some veggies and a low glycemic meal replacement shake. I don’t necessarily want to do a meal replacement all the time, but it’s good for filling me up when I’m on the go. So anyways! That has been my day today. I will workout tonight and get this show on the road!!!

Happy days ahead guys!!!

xoxo Jen


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