The Story of the Patty Melt

6 Aug

Hi friends! I know it’s been a while since I wrote last…. BUT.. I do have good news. I have lost another .75 lbs! YAY

Last weekend we had the pleasure of visiting our friends for a few days. I made up my mind before we went that I would go to the store and buy healthy things to keep in their fridge! It wasn’t too bad, I managed to avoid yummy’s  and stick with my healthy alternatives, counting calories everyday!

Now on one of the last days there, my friends hubby who is a great cook, decided to make patty melts! I resisted the urge to say I wanted one and enjoyed my soup and veggies instead. My tummy was completely satisfied after I finished my dinner. Then it happened, the smell of the onions and beef with the sourdough grilling in the pan. I immediately wanted one! I had to check myself, was I still hungry? NO! It was purely just the fact that I just wanted to eat one. Well, after realizing this, I really couldn’t eat one. How could I consciously eat after I knew that I wasn’t hungry!

Lesson learned: Learn to check yourself and see if you really are even hungry before indulging in something.

Fill up on proteins and fiber, they keep you full longer and are healthier!

xoxo Jen


One Response to “The Story of the Patty Melt”

  1. Lynne August 9, 2010 at 8:01 am #

    thank you so much for the incouraging words .please keep sending me the posts i love them. Lynne

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