Annnnd…. Were Off

27 Jul

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So today marks the 2nd day of this! I have to say, I feel inspired. There’s just something about knowing that there are people out there who make a lifestyle of living healthy and active. I hope to become one of those people and I’m not just saying that… I mean it for real this time.

Have you ever started something and not finished it? I do it all the time. I think I have design ADD. I have tons of brilliant (according to me) ideas, but have trouble finishing one before I’m on to the next. Someone once told me that I may not be finishing my projects because I don’t want to fail. Regardless of if thats true or not, I am making a vow to stick with this for at least 365 days. That’s 365 days of eating less than 1500 calories and 365 days of blogging about it. As I sit here today I am starving. Most health professionals say eat many small meals throughout the day… now how exactly to put that into action, that is the question. I know you probalby have a great solution for this, but this is my real life… how do I have 6-8 small meals a day ready to eat when I’m home or not?

DAY 1 Sabatoge

Out to eat for breakfast. Today we went to a breakfast meeting with someone and guess where we went… A BAKERY! A BAKERY??? Are you kidding me? On the first day of this! I could have fallen for the delicious looking fruit tart my husband was eating as my stomach was growling roaring. The smells, the sights of the glistening buttery rolls, almond croissoints, ooh la la…. But I didn’t. I sat there and drank my cup of coffee and day dreamed about drinking my protein shake with Almond Breeze milk when I got home! (A total of about 200 calories vs. the 510 in a typical croissoint w/25g of fat).

So there, I did it. I got through breakfast… now only 364.5 more days to go… that’s 8736 more hours, BRING IT ON!

Let them eat…… fruit?


One Response to “Annnnd…. Were Off”

  1. Cynthia July 27, 2010 at 6:07 pm #

    Do you drink regular milk? You could have had a glass of milk at the bakery (or brought a little to go box of soy…they sell them in like 8 packs at the grocery store) I think it would constitute about 200 calories be one of your small meals and you wouldn’t be left starving or take an apple or another piece of fruit.
    Make a blog of what you like and what you don’t like but will eat (tolerate) and what you absolutely abhor and refuse to eat. People can then chime in with ideas to make the things you like even better or substitutes, or ideas for things that you can tolerate and make them more tasty. And perhaps come up with ideas that make make you curious to try the things you thought you’d refuse to eat.
    There is no substitute for chocolate. Eat the dark stuff about an ounce a day, curbs the craving plus it’s healthy.
    I think I’ll make ‘There is no substitute for chocolate’ as my signature…

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